Our Mission:

"To promote and improve the Planetarium field and the communications within the field."

Who is SWAP?

SWAP is a regional association of Planetarium professionals who are associated with schools, museums, science centers or private institutions. SWAP is generally the region consisting of the states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Texas in the U.S.A. Our members come from this region, other regions within the U.S. and from around the world. SWAP is an affiliate of the International Planetarium Society


WAC regions

SWAP Meets:

The official SWAP meetings are held annually at the Western Alliance Conference. In the absence of a WAC, such as in 2012, SWAP will have a meeting at the International Planetarium Society's conference. These meetings are where important business is discussed and new leadership is voted in. The board also has the power to make voting decisions via email for matters that don't require waiting for the official meetings.


Occasionally, some SWAP members also get together for an informal "local group" gathering in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.


SWAP Leadership

Elections for SWAP leadership positions were held on July 28 at the 2011 Western Alliance Conference in Killeen. We thank the past board members for their service, and welcome those who have accepted the duties and responsibilities of guiding SWAP over the next two years.